Exoplanateer Continued

Given the delay since I first expressed interest in pursuing this I thought I would power on through and complete a few more pages before hitting a nice page-a-week stride. So here’s page number 2 of EXOPLANATEER. (I’m running out of pens).

Exoplanateer Page 2


Just finished some album artwork for a bunch of friends in Lazlo, for the release of their new single Man Up. It’s probably one of the most colourful things I have done. They asked me to improvise off of an early mix of the track and this is what I came up with.



You can check Lazlo out here and here – they also have all the social media channels covered.

Finally, if you’re part of a band and want some distinctive artwork for a new release, let me know.

On Exoplanets

I have some friends who are basically just floating brains in tanks of preservative. One of these is my good friend Prof Andrew Rushby – who likes space so much NASA offered him the position of Supreme Overlord of Earth – and now he and two other knowledgeable heads in jars record a monthly podcast about exoplanets. It’s called Exocast and you can listen to the episodes here.

It’s so interesting that sixty story ideas simultaneously raced across my neurons like scalextric on nitrus oxide. One of the more robust crystallized in this image, which while unfinished (imagine a bang of space dust breaking the horizon) serves as an instructive point of germination for a travelogue of strange but mathematically probably exoplanets in a sequential format. In short, exoplaneteering.



Don’t call it a comeback…

I haven’t been inactive. Just dormant. I’ve been busy, really busy, in fact. I have been working on an exhibition (currently on in Norwich) in the last few months, as well as moving house, changing careers and sorting many, many other things.

At the start of the year I began the macabre task of reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels in chronological order, something I could never have attempted while the great, indefatigable writer was still alive. I set myself the challenge of doing this in one year; more than possible, it felt, at the beginning of a year which has accelerated angrily off the rails.

I’m very much behind on that now, struggling on the 11th novel after an impressive first bend. Then the exhibition work began in earnest, house hunting went into fashion and went quickly out again and I need to look for a proper job.

But the exhibition is nearly over and it has been a success, in both concept and execution.

I will share the twelve pieces I created for the Art of the Zodiac exhibition soon.

The last few pages have trickled in…

The St Ivo School Art Department sketchbook I got from my girlfriend is now complete. There are good panels and there are bad panels. The second and third images are particular favourites.

All of this done, under duress, in between serving customers at a till. You’ll never know true pain until you’re interrupted during a magnificent flurry of cross-hatching by a wino only to flick the sketchbook away have made the ink run awry.

I may experiment with lettering but as I’ve said, this was all unscripted, spontaneous storytelling. You can make up your own mind.

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