Football comix.


You can read them here.

Early 2017 I was writing, illustrating and providing my own colours for a comic named EXOPLANATEER about astrobiology and the slow inexorable death of the human race. Light stuff. That is until my Promarkers ran out. Inspired by the scientific antics of Exocast, a podcast about exoplanets, the strip followed the journey of a lone explorer searching for a new home for the human race amongst distant stars and misshapen moons.


You can read that here.

ST IVO: A fourteen page steampunk comic strip which I doodled absentmindedly inbetween other things. There is no dialogue but it was designed in such as a way as to make some narrative sense without.


You can read it here.

SELFWARE: A four page strip about brains. In essence a rambling soliloquy about paranoia and the modern world. It was also my first full attempt at digital colouring. You can read it here.


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